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Investing in students across the globe since 1983.

With partnership, there’s endless opportunity.



Our program's mission is to mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

We give undergraduate students real-world investment experience while teaching a professional curriculum on

investing with a focus on venture capital. 


We are decisive, hard-working and thesis-driven investors. We seek out extraordinary students who strive to operate the same way.

We partner with and mentor students and develop lasting relationships with them.

We help students to gain hands-on, real-world investing experience with our team.

We are a technology and software-focused investment firm that operates internationally.


Let's grow together.

Adam Caar



Our goal is to help our externs feel they have gained more out of the program than we have gained out of them. We mentor our externs and strive to help them find success regardless of what career path they pursue.

Adam Caar

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Our mission is to mentor the leaders of tomorrow. We strive to help our externs develop leadership skills and get placed at top companies so they will be prepared to be the leaders of the future.

Aerial view of downtown Miami and Bricke


We teach our students key principles and skills behind successful investing and give them key insights into the business world. We give our students the most realistic investing experience available to students today.

Adam Caar

Empire State Building, New York during d

Life Skills

We strive to help our students develop important life skills that will benefit them in all aspects of their life, such as integrity, charity, grit, and focusing on what really matters in life.

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